Improving a dogs joints

A dog can encounter problems with its joints throughout its life. Although older dogs are more likely to have such problems, younger dogs can experience issues with their joints as well.

If younger dogs exercise regularly every day, greater strain is placed on their joints. Here at Lintbells, many dog supplements can be purchased which can help a dog at any stage of their life.


- Offers a high level of dog joint care because it has many key nutrients which can help to boost joints so that any existing pain can be stopped from happening and prevent further damage.
- Each tablet has Triple Strength Green Lipped Mussel which is a source of concentrated unique Omega 3. Stiff joints can be improved by reducing the amount of pain which a dog has.
- It also contains Vitamins C and E. When dogs are very active, a greater level of free radicals is released. When free radicals attack joints, a lot of damage can be caused. Vitamins C and E assist a dog's body by stopping free radicals so that as little damage as possible is caused.
- Hyaluronic Acid is also in this supplement. Helping to cushion the Synovial fluid which is in each dog's joints, Hyaluronic Acid provides additional lubrication against any impact.
- Dogs that weigh less than 15kg require one tablet a day. Larger dogs that weigh more than 45kg require bigger dosages because four tablets are needed.

Yumove Joint Supplement

- Offers a triple action joint support to dogs.
- The essential nutrients which a canine needs are in a solitary tablet.
- Aids a dog by providing it with joint care no matter how active it is.
- Not only helps a dog that is very active but also older dogs whose joints have succumbed to general wear and tear.
- A dog will feel completely different because pain which was once present will be no more.
- A greater dosage could be given to bigger dogs and canines that have a considerable number of problems. Smaller dogs do not necessarily need a larger dosage at all.