Take care Of Your Canine Friend

A dog is a wonderful pet and companion to have and own. Having gone through the challenging task of choosing your canine friend the next thing is to learn how to take care of them.

A healthy dog is a happy dog, a well taken care of dog can live longer and there will be fewer visits to the veterinary offices. Proper care will save you money and owning a pet will not seem like a burden. There are some simple tips you should know when taking care of your dog;

- Feeding; proper feeding contributes significantly to the health of the animal. Dry food is the best for dogs you can mix it up with leftovers, for variation. Each dog has different nutritional needs; the basic nutrients required include carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, proteins and lots of water. These ensure that your dog ends up having a shiny, healthy coat. Feeding your dog with only table scraps and raw meat alone is not advisable because he will not have the required nutrients.

- Regular exercise; your dog requires regular exercise this will help them be less restless at home and ensure that they are happy and healthy as well. Taking out your dog for walks and play will give you that much needed bonding time. You can also benefit healthily by choosing to go running and jogging with your dog.

- Grooming; make sure your dog has a bath at least once a week; don’t forget to take care of their eyes, ears and nails. You can also seek the services of a professional groomer.

- Vet visits; regular visits to the vet office are a must. The health checkups are important. This is because your dog needs to get the proper vaccinations and also get checked for potential health problems.

- Commitment; you must be committed to taking care of your dog and giving them the best you possibly can.