Best Cat Tower for Large CatsOur large feline friends are near and dear to our hearts, but let’s face it, sometimes our big fur babies need their own space! Not only is it good for them physically, it also helps to keep furniture and shoes in fit condition. It’s important to take extra care when searching for cat trees suitable for larger cats. If you find yourself with a furry giant weighing 10lbs or more, it’s crucial their weight will be supported while also having a large enough area for them to be comfortable.

NameProduct WeightProduct HeightMax Holding Weight (appx.) 
Songmics: Large Cat Tree Condo44lbs61in25lbs Check Price
Armakat B780155lbs77-80in70lbs Check Price
Songmics: Cat Tree Condo
Editor's Choice
64lbs67in24lbs Check Price
TRIXIE Pet Product 4454712lbs39in20lbs Check Price
New Cat Condos 19010955lbs64in25lbs Check Price
Go Pet Club F204068lbs72in15-20lbs Check Price
Go Pet Club: Greek Palace46lbs61in10-12lbs Check Price
Furhaven Furniture: Double Decker Tree41lbs69in15-20lbs Check Price

Songmics Large Cat Tree Condo – Top of the Line Stability

Songmics Large Cat Tree Condo review

This multi-level cat tree is great for large cats and includes toys to keep them entertained. There are 5 levels in total, with 1 condo, 2 perches, and a tunnel. The best feature is that this tree includes fixtures to mount it to the wall for extra stability if needed.

Made with CARB-certified boards, the plush materials provide a comfortable, multi-purpose cat tree. In addition, all surface corners have been rounded as a safety precaution. The varying sizes of the perches accommodate multiple cats (and cat sizes) at once. This tree is 61in tall and weighs 44lbs while supporting cats up to 25lbs.

This tree comes highly recommended because of how much users’ cats enjoy it. The addition of the hanging toys and the tunnel also add diversity to this tree. The only detraction in this piece is in the aesthetics; this tree lacks the sleek, ‘furniture’ look that some other designs have adopted and is more of a traditional cat tree.

The multiple levels allow for cats to ‘roam’ safely.

Additionally, this cat tree comes in several different styles with minimal cost difference. This is helpful in that it allows you to select a tree that has the features you are looking for, such as a hammock.
  • Can be anchored to the wall
  • Rounded surface corners
  • Condos are not large enough to accommodate all cat sizes
  • No stairs or ladders

Armakat B7801 – Most Supported Weight

Armakat B7801 review

This cat tree is perfect for your lovable giants! Holding up to 70lbs, this Armakat model knows how to provide a space that functions well for your not-so-active fur babies and wins the award for supporting the most weight out of all 10 selections.

This is one of the larger cat trees on this list. It stands 77-80in tall and weighs about 55lbs. It is nearly 3 feet deep and over 2 feet wide. This gives your longer cats the space to stretch comfortably without risking a fall.

As an extra perk, this cat tree – along with all others manufactured by this company – are made with pet-friendly materials.

There is no concern regarding synthetic fabrics or potentially dangerous sprays, dyes, supports, etc., when you purchase this piece. Armakat also sells other variations of this tree in taller heights with different features – perfect for cat owners who are looking to expand their cats’ play area.
This is highly recommended because of the cat perches on this tree. Not only is it stable, it is also one of the tallest cat trees for heavy cats. Reviews confirm that the condos and perches have plenty of space to accommodate large and heavy cats with ease. Overall, this tree provides the perfect spot for your cat to monitor all household activity.

  • Supports the most weight at 70lbs
  • Made with pet-friendly materials
  • Condos and perches are large enough to accommodate large cats
  • This mode does not have ladders or stairs
  • Scratching-post material is not too resistant to excessive scratching

SONGMICS 67″ Cat Tree Condo – Best Product Warranty

SONGMICS 67 Cat Tree Condo review

If you find your furry friend has a thing for scratching, this Songmics cat tree may be the purrrfect fit. This tree is an ideal tall cat tree for large cats. It stands 67in and weighs just over 60lbs. As with other SONGMICS products, this tree is made with CARB-certified natural particle board and then reinforced for stability. It supports cats up to 24lbs and there is plenty of room for more than one to share this space.

The best part of this tree is the 11 different scratching posts worked in around 2 cat houses and 3 perches. These scratching posts are covered with durable sisal rope and vary in height.

This product is recommended for several reasons. One is the warranty, which provides coverage for over 2.5 years (30 months). Next, the variety provided by this tree will appeal to cats of any age and weight. The ramp leading to the second level and the short distance between some of the perches appeal to older, less-lively cats. A feature unique to this tree is that the perches have raised edges designed to support your cat’s head while they lounge. Lastly, it has the some of the best cat condos for large cats.
  • Covered by a 30-month product warranty
  • Easy assembly
  • Walk up ramp to the lowest condo
  • Raised edges on perches
  • Packaging and hardware are not always shipped correctly the first time
  • Heavy tree that doesn’t support as much weight as our other options

TRIXIE Pet Product 44547– Best Small Tree for Large Cats

TRIXIE Pet Product 44547 review

It can be difficult to find a tree for large cats that fits into a small space. This TRIXIE product does just that! Rated by over 4,000 customers, this large cat tree will appeal to the minimalist in all of us. It stands just over 3 feet tall and weighs a whopping 12 pounds. Don’t let the small size fool you; this tree has a variety of features including a condo, a hammock, and a perch.

This tree is short, but thanks to a good-sized base (22in) it is very sturdy. It has one of the best cat perches for large cats. Additionally, it doesn’t need a ladder or stairs as the condo is set at the bottom – a great feature for older cats. It supports cats up to 20lbs and is a great cat tree for heavy cats.

Overall this piece is highly recommend – especially for cat owners who aren’t looking to spend hundreds and/or don’t have too much space to spare. Customer reviews consistently praise the stability of this tree. The only downside that comes with the smaller size is that it really only fits one or two cats comfortably at a time. However, the affordability and compact style compensate for this.

  • Customer reviews consistently mention the ease of cleaning – especially the removable hammock covers
  • Best overall for price & cat weight
  • Complicated assembly
  • Metal interior instead of wood – less pleasant for cats who like to bite and scratch
  • Fabric may not be suited for cats with long hair (difficult to clean)

New Cat Condos 190109-Beige – Most Minimal & Least Obtrusive

New Cat Condos 190109 Beige review

One of the latest models of cat furniture is from New Cat Condos, a freestanding cat tower that supports up to 25lbs. The tower stands 64in tall and weighs around 55lbs. The winding stairway design works to complement small spaces and it is offered in two colors: Beige and Brown. Additionally, all materials are handcrafted in the USA.

This design is the most minimal in that it has 4 ascending porches arranged in an upward curve. It doesn’t have condos or hammocks jutting out with dangling features, but it does have a scratching post covered with unoiled sisal rope. It complements small spaces and has a more natural look that would appeal to people who want a cat tree that complements their other furniture and décor.

It is one of the best cat trees for heavy cats because unlike other trees, there are no perches delicately balanced on poles. The 4 perches here are nested close together and provide stability in addition to the support from the base. It is recommended for older cats as they are set close together so there is no jumping necessary.
  • Efficient on space
  • Handcrafted in the US
  • Big perches to accommodate big cats
  • Sized well for older cats
  • Carpet tends to thin out with minimal wear
  • Poor customer service & support
  • Simple design (no cat houses)</li

Go Pet Club F2040-Beige – Best Cat Tree Under $100

Go Pet Club F2040 Beige review

Standing at 72in, this is one of the taller cat trees for large cats on this list. It weighs approximately 36lbs and comes with 2 condos and 3 top perches that are arranged among a series of shelves and poles. The base is 50in wide and 26in long, providing plenty of open areas for your cats to use. Unique to this tree is that it comes in a cream color (which is fairly common) and a beautiful royal blue.

This cat tree is spacious and supports large kitties who are no more than 20lbs.

The wider base allows for room to stretch and lounge with ease and the ‘open concept’ allows for multiple cats to occupy this tree at a time. It is covered with faux fur and has a wooden base in addition to scratching posts covered with sisal rope.

It is worth noting that there is one caution for those who have cats on the larger/heavier side. The condos are on the small side and the top perches can wobble when mounted by larger, more active cats.

A useful feature of this tree is the inclusion of cat ramps. There is little need to jump up to the higher perches since a ramp goes from the floor to the first level and secondary level as well.

  • Royal blue color option is visually appealing and unique
  • 2 cat ramps
  • Second least expensive option
  • Customer reviews confirm product durability even after 2 or 3 years of use
  • Tops are flimsy
  • Small cat houses
  • Second heaviest & second tallest tree
  • Only comes with a 30-day warranty

Go Pet Club F2093 – Best Style Tree

Go Pet Club F2093 review

Your cat will enjoy the simple design of this cat tower for large cats by Go Pet Club. It stands 61in and weighs just under 50lbs. This tree supports a cat weighing up to 12lbs, so it’s geared more towards the smaller giants.

This tree tower has 4 spacious perches, 1 condo, and each supporting pole is a scratching post. The sisal rope winds nicely around the supporting scratching posts and faux fur covers the rest of the surface areas to ensure comfort.

One main concern kept customers from consistently recommending this tree. They all pointed out that the main base is on the small side (28×23.5in). This makes the piece unstable as a whole, which many customers solved by wedging it in a corner. However, this limits space for the cats. Additionally, the toy mouse that comes with this piece breaks off too easily and is sadly not replaceable.

Overall, moderately large cats can still navigate this piece and customer comments highlighted the multiple perches which allow for cats to share. Additionally, the condo at the base is perfect for your pretty felines who are less nimble or older cats who may not be able to jump up to the higher levels.

  • Lighter overall
  • Condo at base for older/less nimble cats
  • 6 variations (in style and price)
  • Functional & aesthetically pleasing
  • Wobbly at the top
  • Plush material thins out easily
  • Smaller base can cause overall instability
  • Materials are not good quality compared to the price of the piece

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat – Great For Active, Older Cats

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat review

This last piece on our list has nice towers and a short stairway that allows large cats to navigate easily to the upper areas. As a whole, this tree stands just under 70in and weighs about 40lbs, which works nicely to support cats up to 20lbs. It comes with 3 perches, 2 condos and a selection of cat toys. In addition, there are 4 tall scratching posts wrapped in the standard sisal rope.

One of the nice features of this tree is the set of stairs that run from the second to the third level. It breaks up the height of the tree and makes it more enjoyable for older, less active cats.

This is an affordable, visually pleasing cat tree. However, while some recommend this piece for its functionality, there are a number of people who caution that the tree is complicated to put together. Also, the base is just 19in x 19in. This has two implications: first, the surface areas are on the smaller side and don’t support long cats too well. Second, the smaller base cases overall instability. There were also some customer comments about the overall durability of this tree (or lack thereof).

Overall, this piece works for large cats on the smaller side. It also works better when the cats are less active. These two qualifications point towards owners of older, less active fur babies. They can enjoy the diversity of this piece without going too crazy.

  • Lightweight
  • Stairway for older/less active cats
  • Surfaces are small
  • Complicated to assemble

Buyers Guide

A cat tree is a wonderful thing to have in your house if you are the proud parent of one or more lovable felines. These trees offer your cats a place to play, scratch, climb and lounge in addition to providing them a place to own as ‘their’ territory – a nice trade-off in place of your good furniture! Cat trees also encourage more timid cats to relax by providing safe places for them to stay and watch what goes on without participating. There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing a cat tree that will work for you and your cat(s), especially if you have a cat that is 10lbs or larger. Larger cats need extra consideration due to their size and overall weight, and cutting corners could have tragic consequences if these needs aren’t properly met.

Cat Size

One of the first things to consider when you’re shopping for a large cat tree is the size of your cat. All cat trees should note the acceptable weight limit. If they don’t, you have a right to be suspicious immediately. If you know or suspect your cat is close to the given limit, or may be in the near future, don’t risk it. It is better for you and your cat to err on the side of caution. Several options in this Top 10 list can handle weight over 20 pounds.Best Cat Tower for Large Cats guide

Some of the risks you may face if you choose a tree for your large cat that doesn’t truly support their weight are unsteady trees, bending towers, and breaking/snapping of perches and hammocks. It’s truly a frightening experience for both you and your cat! Do yourself a favor and make cat size your top consideration when making your final purchase decision.

Cat Tree Styles

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new cat tree is the age of your cat and how they may potentially use this piece of furniture. If it’s a cat you’ve had for a while you may be familiar with their preferences already (e.g. if they are climbers, scratchers, loungers, etc.). If your cat is a newer addition to the family, you may want to invest in a few inexpensive pieces to get a sense of their preferences before investing in a more solid furniture piece.

Styles range from simple, almost pole-like cat trees to intricate jungles of condos, perches and hammocks.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the older your cat is, the more difficult it may be (or become) for them to jump and maneuver around various levels.

If this is something that your cat struggles with, look for cat trees that have ladders or stairs leading to the higher levels in order to lessen the need to jump.

On the opposite end of the energy spectrum, you may want as many jumps as possible for your active cats! For your jumpers and climbers alike, it’s important to look for cat trees that have strong center support and a wide, sturdy base. These features will help offset any jumping– especially when it’s from upper levels.

Cat Tree Materials

Best Cat Tower for Large Cats materials guideAll cats enjoy a good scratch now and then. Most cat trees boast similar materials, but quality can vary greatly.

Good materials will be long-lasting and able to withstand quite a bit of cat wear-and-tear. Sisal rope is almost exclusively used for scratching posts, but it isn’t always attached the same way.

Look for pieces that have sisal rope attached directly to the post(s), rather than wound around as one large cover.

One place to look for quality is in the review. Good materials will be praised and cheap materials will be pointed out. Usually the comments will highlight one or the other so you can gauge pretty quickly how durable the materials are. Cheap materials will thin or split faster and metal in place of wood under scratching posts and perches isn’t usually ideal.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Weight, weight weight!
    Know what your cat weighs before making a purchase. Make sure the cat tree will support this weight (and more).
  • Oldies, but goodies.
    Be aware of potential or current health problems your cat(s) may have. Make sure your older cats are accommodated by looking for styles with ladders or stairs.
  • Ratty…but not in a good way.
    Make sure to read up on the quality of the materials before making a purchase decision. High-quality materials give your cat tree longer life .


Cat trees for large cats are built specifically with your big feline friends in mind. They provide the extra stability, additional leg room, and greater height that is necessary. Overall, these custom features will provide a better quality of life for your larger cats. They will be more comfortable and have fewer physical problems when they have cat trees tailored to their needs.

Regardless of the size, age, or weight of your cat, investing in a good cat tree most likely won’t be something you regret. Your larger cats will appreciate the time and effort you put into selecting the best cat tree for them. Many owners of large cats who invested in suitable cat trees suitable came back with glowing reviews and many invested in more than one down the line. Their satisfaction speaks loud and clear: Owning the right cat tree is worth the effort that is put into selecting one.

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