CHINCHILLA CAGE ReviewsIf you’ve recently bought a chinchilla or are considering adding one of these adorable critters to your household, you may be wondering: What is the best cage for a chinchilla? The cage will be your new pet’s home, and it is one of the most important items you will purchase. Choosing a good cage is the difference between a happy, healthy chinchilla and a stressed, unhealthy one. The cage type, amount of space, and number of levels and accessories you need depends on how many chinchillas you will house together. Certain cages work better for a single chinchilla while others are designed for housing multiple pets. Other factors such as cage material, design, and room for accessories play an important role in your decision. Our buyer’s guide will help you learn what makes for the best chinchilla cage and provides examples of good choices at varying price points.

NameDimensions (LxWxH)Bar SpacingLevelsClimbing Shelves 
YaheeTech 6 Level Small Animal Hutch 25.2” x 16.9” x 51.6"0.9" 6 5 Check Price
Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage for Small Animals 33” x 22” x 36" (2-level) 0.5" 2 to 4 1 to 2 Check Price
Midwest Critter Nation with Stand
Editor's Choice
36” x 25” x 62.5" (4-level) 0.5" 2 to 4 1 to 2 Check Price
Homey Pet Three-Tier Wire Cage 36” x 23” x 51" 1.12" 3 2 Check Price
Homey Pet Stackable Open Top Cage 37” x 25” x 31" 0.9" 1 0 Check Price
Mcage Large Wrought Iron 3-Level Cage 30” x 18” x 36" (without stand) 0.5" 3 2 Check Price

YaheeTech 6 Level Small Animal Hutch – Best Budget-Friendly, Multi-Level Cage

YaheeTech 6 Level Small Animal Hutch review
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YaheeTech’s six-level small animal hutch features multiple ramps for climbing and jumping. It includes a water bottle, food bowl, and slide-out tray for cleaning. At 52” tall the cage gives plenty of room for exercise and is on wheels so it can be easily moved between rooms. The durable wire frame with one-inch bar spacing will prevent chewing and is small enough to keep chinchillas from squeezing out between the bars.

The three large wire doors allow for easy access to your pet regardless of where they are in the cage. The openings are large enough to reach both hands in for proper handling, yet lock securely to ensure your chinchilla cannot push them open.

While it provides lots of space for a single chinchilla to climb, the number of ramps may limit sleeping and feeding spaces for multiple chinchillas. The wire flooring is also problematic since small feet can become stuck in between the bars.

To protect chinchillas’ feet, owners can insert a piece of solid plastic or wood into the bottom of the cage to create a flat floor space. This does, however, make the slide-out tray unusable as the flat floor will prevent waste from falling through. The cage should be spot cleaned daily and deep cleaned on a weekly basis or as needed depending on your pet’s habits.

Some basic assembly is required for cage setup. The included water bottle and food bowl can be moved to different positions based on what your chinchilla prefers. Additional water bottles can be purchased and clipped on to provide fresh water at every level of the cage.

  • Iron bars prevent chewing and can last for years without needing replacement
  • Tall, multi-level design gives pets lots of room to exercise and jump
  • Water bottle and food dish can be moved to fit your pet’s ideal location
  • Three large doors allow you to easily reach your pet at any level in the cage
  • Wire flooring is a poor choice as it can cause injury to chinchillas’ feet

Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage for Small Animals – Best Expandable Cage

Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage for Small Animals review
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Exotic Nutrition’s mansion cage for small animals is a good chinchilla cage for first-time chinchilla owners as it can be expanded into a four-level cage over time.

Made of 100% metal, the cage is scratch and chew-proof so it will last for years to come. It has a flat floor to prevent chinchillas’ feet from becoming caught when jumping or standing.

Each section of the cage offers a ramp and wide shelf for climbing. An add-on can be attached on top to turn the 2-level cage into a 4-level. A large latched door on each level allows for easy access when removing your pet from the cage. The entire unit is set on wheels so you can move it around your home as needed. Flat floors leave plenty of space for toys, food bowls, and bedding accessories. A water bottle can be clipped onto any of the metal bars for easy access.

All trays and shelves have 1.5” borders to keep shavings and waste from falling out the sides of the cage. The tray can be removed for cleaning and then replaced back inside the cage. Trays and shelves should be spot cleaned daily and deep cleaned weekly or as needed. Metal bars can be wiped down if they become dirty but typically require only minimal upkeep.

The open wire design along with the wheels for easy movement around your home allow for maximum ventilation to keep your chinchillas cool and dry. During hot summer months, the cage can be moved to another room out of direct sunlight to prevent overheating. The flat bottom of the cage is a good spot to place a cooling stone or slab for chinchillas to rest on during hot or humid months.
  • Metal bars spaced for adequate airflow and ventilation
  • Flat bottom tray is good for chinchillas’ feet
  • Easy to remove tray and shelves for cleaning
  • Expandable from two to four levels
  • Wheels for easy movement around home
  • Large doors for easy access to pets
  • Slightly small for housing multiple chinchillas
  • Limited jumping space in two-level version

Midwest Critter Nation with Stand – Best Overall Chinchilla Cage

Midwest Critter Nation with Stand review
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One of the largest and most versatile cages on our list, the MidWest Critter Nation cage with stand comes in both single- and double-story versions. The single-story can also be purchased first and the second story purchased later as an add-on. This allows owners to expand their space as their chinchilla grows, or when adding a second chinchilla, without needing to pay the full cost upfront.

This cage features a flat bottom to avoid injuries to your chinchilla’s feet as well as flat-bottomed shelves and ramps. The ramps are coated with Happy Feet ramp covers for better traction when climbing or jumping between shelves. Trays and shelves can be removed for easy cleanup.

The stacking design maximizes vertical space and is set on wheels for movement around your home. The wire bars are long-lasting and durable while also providing adequate ventilation for your chinchillas to avoid overheating. The half-inch horizontal spacing allows for good airflow while being small enough to prevent escape or injury. Each level of the cage includes full-width double doors for easy access to your pet on every level. Doors feature dual-locking “critter proof” latches so your pets can’t bump them open and fall or jump out.

Thanks to the metal bar design of the cage, various accessories can be attached. This includes hammocks, wheels, toys, and water bottles. The wide bottom of each level gives room for bedding and food bowls so you can arrange them to your pet’s liking.

  • Large, vertical spaces for jumping and climbing
  • Available in one- and two-story units or as an add-on
  • Wheels for easy movement of cage
  • Durable metal bars provide good ventilation and prevent chewing
  • Ramps coated for extra traction when climbing
  • Full-width, double-locking doors for easy access to pets
  • Slightly expensive for the beginner pet owner

Homey Pet Three Tier Wire Cage – Best Budget, Multi-Chinchilla Cage

Homey Pet Three Tier Wire Cage review
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Though slightly smaller than the Midwest Critter Nation cage, the Homey Pet three-tier wire cage is a slightly more affordable option with lots of horizontal and vertical room for jumping and moving around. The design features plenty of floor space for sleeping and eating as well as two shelves for climbing and jumping.

Designed with various small animals in mind, the cage bottom can be interchanged between wire-style flooring or a flat, removable plastic tray. The plastic tray is typically the best option for chinchillas as wire flooring can cause small feet to become stuck between the bars and is not ideal for long periods of standing. The tray slides out for easy cleaning.

Some reviewers note that their chinchillas chewed on the plastic sides of the tray and, due to the wider spacing between bars at the bottom, were able to slip out of the cage. Switching the tray with a sturdier type of flooring may be necessary if your chinchilla chews on it. Alternatively, providing plenty of toys to play with may distract your pet and prevent chewing.

Some chinchillas may chew on the plastic material of the shelves and shelves may need to be replaced eventually. The wire ladders between levels may not be ideal for some chinchillas’ feet and a flat plastic or wooden material would be a better choice as a replacement.

The cage is foldable for storing or moving in between uses. The wheels on the bottom allow for easy movement around your home. Coupled with the metal bars for ventilation, you can ensure your chinchilla stays cool during hot months by rolling the cage into cooler parts of your home. The metal bar design also allows for attaching accessories such as a water bottle, toys, or extra climbing levels. The cage includes a hanging hammock for small animals to nap in.

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Lots of horizontal and vertical space for exercise
  • Multi-level for climbing and playing
  • Easily folds for storage and wheels for moving
  • Metal bar design allows adequate ventilation
  • Thin shelves not ideal for multiple chinchillas
  • Ladder-style ramps can cause injury to chinchillas’ feet
  • Some chinchillas may chew through plastic bottom and escape

Homey Pet Stackable Open Top Cage – Best Spacing-Saving Unit

Homey Pet Stackable Open Top Cage review
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Homey Pet’s stackable, open top cages are large enough to house a single chinchilla and can be stacked if you have multiple chinchillas that each need a separate cage. Each unit is made of sturdy metal bars with a grate-style plastic flooring and a slide-out tray underneath for easy cleanup. Each cage collapses for storage and has removable wheels for moving around your house while assembled.

Pet owners should be aware that while the cages are stackable they do not connect, so chinchillas will not be able to move between levels. Therefore your pets will be happiest with only a single chinchilla per cage. This offers a space-saving solution for owners with multiple pets who prefer their own space.

Cages do not come with shelves or ramps. However, the wire bars allow for them to be purchased separately and attached to the cage at a level that best fits your chinchilla’s climbing and jumping abilities. The cage bottom is a grate style, which is not ideal for chinchillas’ small feet. However given its thicker plastic design compared to other grate-style cage bottoms, it may work for some chinchillas. Alternatively, a plastic tray or wooden slab can be inserted into the bottom of the cage instead.

Cages feature both a large door in front and can open on top as well if no other cage is stacked on top of it. This allows for easy access to your pet. The spacious design gives your pet room to move around and play, though the lack of vertical space may limit jumping room.
  • Stackable cage design good for housing multiple chinchillas in separated units
  • Easy access to pet through front door and open top design
  • Large bar spacing for adequate airflow
  • Single-level limits jumping and climbing room
  • Grate-style flooring not ideal for some chinchillas’ feet
  • No accessories or platforms included

Mcage Large Wrought Iron 3-Level Cage on Wheels – Most Spacious Multi-Chinchilla Cage

Mcage Large Wrought Iron 3-Level Cage review
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The Mcage wrought iron, three level cage offers lots of climbing and jumping room for chinchillas. Pets have two shelves to climb to with ladders connecting each. Each level has a door for easy access when removing your pets from the cage. The epoxy coated finish prevents wear and tear of the bars, ensuring the cage will last for many years.

Also included with your purchase is a removable stand on wheels so you can easily move the cage throughout your home. For those who prefer to set the cage on a table, the stand can be removed. Both the metal grate-style bottom and sliding plastic tray below it are removable for easy cleaning. Grate-style bottoms can cause injuries for some chinchillas if their feet are small enough to slip through the bars. Covering the bottom with a plastic or wooden lining will help prevent these types of injuries.

The Mcage cage is one of the more affordable beginner options for both single and multiple chinchillas. The spacious design allows for the addition of toys, bedding, and food bowls, while the metal bars can be used to attach water bottles and hanging toys or bedding.

The ladder-style ramps leading between levels may be hard on some chinchillas’ feet. Depending on your pet’s preferences, you can switch the ramps out with solid plastic versions for more comfortable climbing between levels. Be sure to choose a style that has texture or material designed to help your pet find traction while climbing.

  • Affordably priced
  • Large three-level enclosure gives plenty of room for exercise
  • Bars allow for airflow and proper ventilation
  • Comes with removable rolling stand
  • Easy access doors on both bottom and top levels
  • Grate-style bottom can cause injury to chinchillas’ feet
  • Ladder-style ramps may ensnare small feet

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a new home for your furry friend, size is one the most important considerations. Chinchillas are jumpers by nature and need plenty of space to exercise those strong back legs. Keep in mind that the cage will need to accommodate not only your chinchillas but their accessories as well. This includes a clip-on water bottle, a food dish, toys, shelves to climb up to, and flat spaces for sleeping. You will also want space to set out a dust bath for the chinchillas, but do not leave the dust bath in the cage at all times as they may over bathe and cause skin irritation.


“If you have multiple chinchillas you will not only need a larger cage, but you will also want to ensure that each level is wide enough for two chinchillas to pass each other without feeling trapped. Spaces where one chinchilla can easily corner the other can lead to aggression and fighting.”

Signs that your chinchilla’s cage is not big enough, or that there is some other problem with the space, include:

  • Obsessive fur chewing, often leading to thinning or bald patches
  • Fighting between multiple chinchillas
  • Obesity and lack of energy

If you see any of these signs, consult your veterinarian to rule out health problems and ask for recommendations on changes you can make to the cage. The space could be too small for adequate exercise, your chinchillas may not have enough personal space when paired, or insufficient airflow may be causing skin irritation.


The material the cage is constructed from is crucial to the safety of your pets. The best choice is a wire cage with a flat bottom and bars treated with an animal-safe powder. Metal cages can last the lifetime of the chinchilla and are worth the investment upfront, if you can afford it.

The cage should always have bars on the sides and no solid walls. Plastic bins or enclosed cages can cause your chinchilla to overheat, something that can happen easily in warm temperatures. A bar style cage allows for adequate ventilation to not only cool the cage but also keep your chinchilla’s fur dry. Their thick fur can trap moisture without proper air circulation.

Your cage should always have a solid floor. An open bar floor can cause sore spots on your chinchilla’s feet from trying to balance on the bars all day, and their small feet can become trapped in between the bars when jumping or landing.


Most small animal cages will include shelves, or levels, for your pet to climb between. While chinchillas may choose to jump up to these levels, it’s a good idea to have a ramp as well for when they want to climb instead. Ramps should be made of a flat material to prevent chinchillas’ small feet from becoming caught when climbing or jumping. While the number of chinchillas you have in one cage, the amount of space you have in your home, and your budget will all play a role in the size of cage you choose, the more levels and vertical space you can give your pet, the better.

CHINCHILLA CAGE Reviews Buyers Guide


By putting careful consideration into choosing the best chinchilla cage for your situation, you can find a product that fits your budget and the needs of your pet. A sturdy cage will last for years to come, and often will even last for the lifetime of your chinchilla or longer. Though pricier than buying a cage for smaller animals like hamsters and mice, a quality chinchilla cage with room for exercise will help your chinchilla stay happy and healthy.

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