BEST LITTER BOX FOR MULTIPLE CATSAre you a cat lover with a thirst for home improvement and innovation? Especially with the growing awareness of the urgent situations facing shelter and rescue cats in need of love, families with 2 or more cats are becoming increasingly common as people are welcoming multiple formerly homeless felines into their homes.

Let’s talk about the seven best litter boxes for multiple cats. We’ve carefully chosen the top seven cat litter boxes for multiple cats and created seven cat litter box reviews, complete with all the product details you need be an informed consumer and adequately weigh the pros and cons of each product.

Box TypeSize and DimensionsWeightInstallation Notes 
Nature's Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box26x23x114.1 poundsTriangular, intended to fit in a corner Check Price
Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan24.8x20x16.53.12 poundsBasic box; no notes Check Price
Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box16x16x155.29 poundsRoof-entry minimizes litter tracking Check Price
Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box19.5x22x206.5 poundsNeeds extra space to the right to roll for self-cleaning Check Price
Favorite 25" Large Top-Entry Litter Box25x19.5x16.53.2 poundsRoof-entry minimizes litter tracking Check Price
Favorite Portable Side Enter Covered Cat Litter Box
Editor's Choice
24x20x21.55.1 poundsSwinging door minimizes litter tracking Check Price
GenieDome Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box19x16x1725 poundsNeeds 120V electrical outlet, water hose hook up and drain connection Check Price

Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter Box: The Best Litter Box With A Built-In Charcoal Filter

Nature's Miracle Cat Litter Box review

We love this box for its divine combination of simplicity and attention to detail. It’s worth noting that Nature’s Miracle is a positive powerhouse across the entire pet product industry. You’ve probably already heard their company name attached to a potent enzymatic cleaning product that is your best bet for getting pet odors out of almost anything.

In other words, they really understand the demands of managing the unpleasant smells that go hand in hand with pet waste. If your cats are not prodigies who have learned to balance like ballerinas upon the slippery human toilet seat and flush flawlessly when they are done they’re prime candidates for this toilet system. Lots of cats means lots of waste, and that means some strong smells. What better to combat odor than a built-in charcoal filter? Charcoal is one of the most powerful odor inhibitors on the market. This key feature is simple, keeps the product affordable, and each filter has a long lifespan of 3 months with normal use. Replacement filters are easy to purchase and your nose will thank you.

We also love the shape of this system. It’s triangle-shaped to fit perfectly in a corner far out of the way of human traffic. Nature’s Miracle also uses a patented, unique non-stick surface technology called Ionpure(™) that is antibacterial, antimicrobial and streamlines daily cleaning and maintenance. Gone are the days of hacking away at encrusted litter in the deepest corners of the pan; the used litter will pop right up and out in the scoop due to the non-stick floor and walls of the pan.

  • Unique triangle shape to fit out of the way in a corner
  • Built in, replaceable activated charcoal filter to actively manage odors
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial Ionpure(™) non-stick surface technology
  • The brand has lots of industry experience
  • Wide entrance may encourage a lot of litter tracking outside the box

Petphabet Litter Box with Lid: Simplicity in All the Colors of the Rainbow

Petphabet Litter Box with Lid review

Let the sunshine in with one of these simple, spacious top rated litter boxes. A unique item on the market, this box is both hooded for cleanliness but also sports a see-through top so your kitty can see what’s going on around him at all times. There’s something very streamlined, cute and aesthetically attractive about these boxes; they’re like little houses right out of a cartoon. The boxes come with a cheerfully colored bottom and are available in 7 colors of the rainbow. The back and sides are enclosed for minimal mess.

The entrance is wide and welcoming for both spry young kittens and potentially mobility-impaired seniors. This litter box is an ideal set up for bonded pairs, as it can accommodate two cats easily. All edges are rounded for ease of scooping. The durable polypropylene plastic surfaces are non-stick for your convenience.

  • Comes in an array of beautiful colors
  • Streamlined design
  • Clear top lets lots of light in
  • Holds two cats side by side
  • Minimal extra features
  • Minimal privacy

Modkat Litter Box: The Best Roof-Entry Option

Modkat Litter Box review

This is the best ultra-modern cat litter system with all the bells and whistles! With modern, meticulously engineered solutions to some of the most common litter box problems, this may feel like an entirely different experience than your average litter box.

If you are a bit of a neat-freak yourself and cat litter tracking outside the box drives you bonkers, this is your salvation. The first part of the solution is the roof entrance. The locking lid serves as a walk-off mat, and its textured surface comes in contact with the paws and allows any stray litter granules to fall off through the holes and back into the box. The lid is a stable surface for a typically agile feline.

Modkat really thought of everything when it comes to cleaning. It will hardly feel like a chore, with the swivel lid that unlocks for easy scooping and the included scooper that hooks conveniently to the side of the box. The system also includes a reusable box liner that lasts for up to 3 months. It cleans in a jiffy and is tear resistant. It secures easily to the inner edge of the box. The best part about the liftable liner is you don’t have to move the entire box around when it’s time for a full litter replacement.

Available in black or white plastic with four rounded corners and a grey textured top, these cat litter boxes are aesthetically pleasing. They don’t even look like litter boxes from far away! They really look like a stylish piece of furniture rather than something to be hidden away in the darkest corner of the laundry room. You’ll have a lot more options for where you place the box, which will be beneficial to the cats as their toilet will be right where they need it in a convenient part of the house.

  • Roof-entry prevents litter tracking and extra messes
  • Textured roof for safety and good traction
  • Swiveling, locking top for easy cleaning
  • Comes with its own scooper and side hanging hook
  • Beautiful, modern design that looks nothing like the typical litter box, attractive enough to place anywhere in the home
  • Reusable, easy-cleaning, tear-resistant liner makes litter disposal hassle free; no need for a new plastic liner each time
  • Liner is shaped specifically for this box’s unique shape
  • More difficult for elderly or mobility-impaired cats to enter
  • Requires its own uniquely-shaped liner
  • Not large enough to fit two cats at once

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box: The Best Self-Cleaning box

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box review

Although simple in appearance, the brilliance of this box’s unique, self-cleaning system is nothing short of remarkable. While other self-cleaning boxes on the market are complicated by a multitude of things like liners, filters and electrical motors, this self-cleaning model relies on gravity alone. Just roll the box over to the right on its side and the clumps of used litter gather together and collect themselves neatly in a tray. You may need to bang on the bottom of the box a few times to free any stuck chunks, but that’s it!

You do not need to touch the litter, dig around with a scoop, or subject yourself to breathing in clouds of litter dust. These conveniences are a godsend when you consider how important efficient waste management is in a household with multiple cats. This box is made of strong, durable plastic and has a hooded structure that contains odors, can accommodate two cats at once and has a wide, easily accessible entrance that even an elderly, less mobile senior cat would be comfortable with.

  • Self-cleaning but without a whole lot of extra parts or things to set up, simple to use
  • No need to touch the litter
  • Self-cleaning minimizes the amount of litter dust you breathe when cleaning
  • Needs extra space on the side so it can be rolled for self-cleaning
  • Limited variety of colors
  • Self-cleaning system is effective but not perfect: lumps of used litter may remain stuck to the bottom so you may need to dislodge these manually anyway.

Favorite 25″ Cat Litter Box: Spacious Top-Entry to Eliminate Litter Tracking

Favorite 25" Cat Litter Box review

Roof-entry boxes are some of the best cat litter boxes for multiple cats because they minimize the amount of litter dragged all over the floors. With all the kitties coming and going, and all the litter being jostled and moved with each visit, a natural, efficient way to keep the litter in the box where it belongs is of great importance!

Here we have a roof-entry box that is solid in construction, sturdy and spacious enough to hold two cats, or even three feline family members all at one time. The roof is textured for traction to prevent slipping. With solid walls all around, this box offers absolute privacy to its occupant. The roof of the box is also spacious, allowing your cat to feel safe getting in and out of the box. When it’s time to scoop, just unsnap the top.
  • Roof-entry prevents litter tracking around your home
  • Spacious, large interior that can hold two cats
  • Textured roof for traction
  • Very simple system, only two separate parts, top and bottom; minimal chance of parts breaking
  • Large enough to fit two cats
  • Roof-entry may limit access for senior or mobility-impaired cats

Favorite Portable Side Enter Covered Cat Litter Box: The Best For Privacy

Favorite Portable Side Enter Covered Cat Litter Box review

With its two-way, swinging, bi-directional flap door, this box offers by far the most privacy of any litter box we’ve seen. Roof-entry litter boxes are comparable, but this box boasts a covered side entrance that makes this box accessible to elderly and mobility-impaired cats that would struggle a bit more with roof-entry options. With solid construction on both the top and bottom that lock and unlock easily for cleaning, a handy lifting handle on top completes the package.

The transparent swinging door also attaches and detaches easily to give you the option of using it or not depending on kitty’s preferences. It lets enough light in while also keeping odors in. It is one of the few side entrance boxes that are equipped to keep litter trails and other dust outside the box to a minimum.

With a rectangular bottom that arcs into round, voluminous corners on all sides, the box is bubble-shaped to maximize the amount of room inside, easily accommodating two cats. With a non-stick surface, cleaning is efficient and easy.

  • Very private, with its opaque roof and swinging side-entry door
  • Swinging side-entry door contains stray litter, dust and odors better than an open side entrance
  • Minimizes litter tracking while still being accessible to elderly and mobility-impaired cats
  • Swinging door is removable for open-entry option
  • Sturdy carrying handle on top
  • Very spacious interior
  • Fully enclosed box allows for far less air flow

GenieDome Self-Cleaning Litter Box: The Best Water Flushing Litter Box

GenieDome Self-Cleaning Litter Box review

Cat Genie describes the product as “the world’s only self-cleaning and self-flushing litter box system.” It “cleans like an appliance and flushes like a toilet.” One of the best cat litter boxes for multiple cats, this is a trademarked, next-level engineered mechanical system that comes with all the bells and whistles and a bag of chips to boot. You will need a space with electrical and water hookups for this luxurious device! Amazingly, it comes with its own trademark Washable Granules (TM) reusable, re-washable litter that it is equipped to cleanse bacteria and other disease-causing agents completely without you needing to lift a finger. The brand argues strongly against the continued use of traditional cat litters because they are harmful to the environment to produce and even more harmful sitting forever in landfills with the inability to break down.

The system comes complete with both its own cleaning solution and its own 100% biodegradable, septic-safe dust-free litter that will last and last. Traditional cat litters are a drag for everyone. The dust both we and the cats breathe when in contact with litter is harmful to our lungs.

With a built in timer, you have the option of programming the device to clean itself automatically up to 4 times daily or you can decide when precisely to run cleaning mode with just the touch of a button. You can also set it on “cat activation.” The system will clean the litter with every single use. We have rated this system’s innovations truly revolutionary. With many cats in your household, you can spend more time with than as opposed to more manual styles of waste management.

  • Fully self-cleaning with water and its own soap solution
  • Comes with its on biodegradable, dust-free Washable Granules (TM) litter that minimizes the environmental impact of traditional litter and health impact of traditional litter dust
  • Programmable with a timer to clean exactly when you want it to
  • Unique shape like a human toilet
  • Requires electric and water hookups
  • Many steps to set up
  • More bells and whistles can mean more parts that can break over time


When you have concluded that your cats live together with enough harmony to make a multiple cat litter box the best choice for your home, ask yourself the following questions before buying:

Do you want a self-cleaning box?
Multiple cats means a lot more waste. That’s a lot more time, energy and effort spent scooping litter, smelling odors and breathing in unhealthy litter dust. There are more and more self-cleaning options on the market every year to make things easier.

What kind of self-cleaning box is best?
Are you a patient, technical person who likes all the bells and whistles and doesn’t mind reading an instructional guidebook and taking the time to understand complex installation and various features like a flush timer? Or are you too impatient to figure out how to work gadgets and prefer non-mechanical systems? There are cat litter boxes to satisfy both personalities!

What size do you really need?
A lot of multiple cat litter boxes advertise themselves as being able to hold two cats at the same time. Ask yourself if your cats really will use the box two at a time. Plenty of cats just want their privacy. If your multiple cats aren’t likely to share, you don’t need a big box that takes up extra space. On the contrary, maybe you actually do have cuddle bugs that would use their toilet together. Best litter box for multiple catsIf that’s the case, you may want to get out a measuring tape and compare your cats’ respective sizes compared to each product’s specified dimensions. Actual measurements are going to be far more useful to you than trying to approximate by weight of the cat.

How meticulous are you about your home’s cleanliness?
Traditional side-entry litter boxes inevitably lead to litter being tracked outside the box. Some cats are messier than others. They like to scatter and dig around in there. Some cats are tidier, but they’ve got long hair and litter gets caught in it. There are all kinds of variables leading to more litter out of the box than in it, all over your floors. This just intensifies when you’ve got multiple cats going in and out of the box all the time.

Will a top-entry litter box suit your cats’ needs?
Litter tracking is why a lot of top-entry boxes are advertised as ideal for multiple cat households. When kitty enters and exits from the top, any litter she drags out falls back down through the entrance hole and sometimes the roof’s grated floor and not out the side door, all over your floor.

What if my cat can’t use a roof entrance?
Some cats are elderly, mobility impaired or just don’t like entering from the roof of their box. If that’s the case, you can choose a side-entry box with a swinging door to add privacy and keep the litter and odors inside more easily.

Are there any options on the market to maximize odor control?
More cats means more waste. More waste means more odors. Some boxes come complete with a built in charcoal filter. Charcoal is known to neutralize odors, and these filters are inexpensive and easily replaceable.

How to choose the best litter box for your cats?

How can you take your feline family from surviving to thriving? The increase in kitty family members definitely means becoming more aware of individual cats’ needs as well as what is necessary to support functional and friendly group dynamics between the pets. Luckily, the pet product market is evolving Best litter box for multiple catstremendously to accommodate the needs of multiple cats, and careful product reviews can help you choose a litter box that every cat and human in the household is truly happy with.

This brings us to the subject of the ever important litter box. The litter box is far more than just a tub full of gravel that serves a merely physical purpose. Where and how your cats do their business can greatly affect the relationship you have with each cat and the relationship each cat has with her counterparts.

The litter box represents a safe space. The ability to have a safe space to retreat to while performing vulnerable and private bodily functions can directly affect a cat’s mental and emotional state. Whether a cat feels safe in his home can affect how he reacts when he is stressed or afraid. A cat who feels safe at home is less likely to put up a fuss when it’s time to get inside a carrier to go to the vet. A cat who doesn’t have to endure territorial disputes with his sister cat over litter box use whenever you’re not home will tolerate grooming and nail trims more easily. A naturally meticulous cat who is not stressed by a dirty, unkempt litter box full of the waste from other cats will be more agreeable. Indeed, the litter box is far more than just a box; it is the foundation for many other aspects of the entire family’s comfort and wellbeing.

The right litter box situation for everyone is one of the most important decisions you will make as the owner of multiple cats. This is especially true during the adjustment period when you’ve just added another cat to the pack and all members of the family are still getting to know each other, determining their hierarchy and working out any relationship issues.

Is a spacious multiple cat litter box right for you? As it can be frustrating and discouraging to invest in a product that fails to meet your needs, it is important to determine whether one multiple cat litter box is appropriate for your unique situation. Below we give you a broad picture of all the factors you will want to consider before investing in the best litter box for multiple cats.

Let’s talk about personality differences. Anyone who is owned by multiple cats knows that the spectrum of preferences and personalities for each individual cat is infinite. Some cats might be even pickier than most people about their personal spaces, and if they are dissatisfied with the litter box setup available to them, it can be very problematic!

The internet forums are brimming with cat owners at their wits end because Fluffy is eliminating everywhere in the house besides the litter box. One of the obvious reasons is that our animal companions are trying to tell us that they are ill and need to be seen by the vet. However, after a full checkup and a professional declaration of perfect health, it often becomes clear that our pets are trying to communicate their stress and unhappiness to us by going outside the litter box. What are your cats telling you today?

All animals communicate with us quite clearly, and it’s important that we humans take it upon ourselves to learn the nuances of their languages. While dogs commonly communicate their stress and anxiety more actively through destructive tendencies and barking, cats are more passive. Best litter box for multiple catsIntentional inappropriate elimination is one of the most common ways cats convey their upset. Cat owners find that once they have addressed the source of their kitty’s stress, she is happy to use her litter box again.

What are your cats’ quirks? There are cats who are chagrined by a mess, particularly one left by another cat, and will refuse to use a box that isn’t absolutely clean each time. There are cats who don’t want to share their box because they already have to share you! Sibling rivalry is universal. Relationship dynamics between cats with different personalities can be as complex as those of humans. Sometimes there’s tension between two individuals, and their ability to live peacefully with each other may be enhanced by giving each one their own separate toilet and personal space. A timid cat who is still learning to trust might benefit greatly by not having to compete to use the litter box, at least until he gains confidence. There are cats who are geriatric or mobility-impaired who need special considerations. In all of the above cases, we recommend considering using multiple litter boxes to meet the specific needs of individual pets.

However, perhaps none of the above applies to your family. Perhaps all the cats in your household get along beautifully, have similar needs, and are comfortable around each other in all situations. They might even be so free as to enjoy going to the bathroom together. If this is the case with your kitties, the best litter box for multiple cats is exactly what you need!

Let’s talk about what exactly makes a litter box suitable for multiple cats. They’re larger, deeper, hold a ton of litter, and take up significantly more space than single boxes. Some are even as spacious as a medium-sized dog house. If space is at a premium in your home, you’ll need to consider carefully where your jumbo cat litter box is going to fit. They’re also heavier and comparably more cumbersome. When it’s time to deep clean the box with the garden hose, you’ll want to consider how you will clear the path of least resistance from point A to point B for efficient transport and reinstallation.


Our cats are companions to cuddle with and teach us more about ourselves. It is a joy to witness the explosion of a pet product market that pays such careful attention to quality and innovation to enhance all nine lives of our furry animal companions. With the diversity of products being offered featuring both dramatic innovation and subtle differences in simplicity, perusing detailed reviews can point you toward the right product and also help you better understand your own preferences and needs in a world that can seem oversaturated with options .

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