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    Hello, my name is Nigel Timmy Tyson, or just Nigel for short.  I was living in the CACC Manhattan shelter in June 2003 when my parents adopted me.  At the time I was only 4 months old.

    I am so happy to be a part of my new family; now I have so many toys, get to eat all the treats I want, and have my own warm bed.  My parents even take me to the dog park almost every day where I get to run around with my best friends Dutch, Truman, and Harvey (you can see pictures of them on this site also).  I was very lucky that day when I was rescued, and I think my parents were too!

    We are running this site and making blankets and stockings to help all the other doggies and kitties who are waiting to be adopted into loving homes.  Please enjoy these pics of me and my friends.

    E-mail us at [email protected].
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