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If you are planning to keep a guinea pig as a pet, then it is important for you to know the average life expectancy of a guinea pig. Just how long do they live? What is the average lifespan of a guinea pig? This is a question to which there are really multiple answers, depending upon the context in which it is being asked. In order to figure out guinea pig life expectancy, we need to know the conditions in which the guinea pig is living (Is it a pet? Is it in captivity?) and the health of the guinea pig.

A guinea pig can bring you enormous joy if you treat it right. If you are respectful, caring, and compassionate as an owner, your efforts will be repaid again and again. The love and affection for which guinea pigs are known are the normal result of high-quality care, which is something that you are ultimately responsible for. How much time are you willing to put into looking after your guinea pig? How much effort are you planning on expending? Read More

BEST CAT TOWER FOR LARGE CATS – Comparison & Rewiews

Best Cat Tower for Large CatsOur large feline friends are near and dear to our hearts, but let’s face it, sometimes our big fur babies need their own space! Not only is it good for them physically, it also helps to keep furniture and shoes in fit condition. It’s important to take extra care when searching for cat trees suitable for larger cats. If you find yourself with a furry giant weighing 10lbs or more, it’s crucial their weight will be supported while also having a large enough area for them to be comfortable.
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BEST LITTER BOX FOR MULTIPLE CATSAre you a cat lover with a thirst for home improvement and innovation? Especially with the growing awareness of the urgent situations facing shelter and rescue cats in need of love, families with 2 or more cats are becoming increasingly common as people are welcoming multiple formerly homeless felines into their homes.

Let’s talk about the seven best litter boxes for multiple cats. We’ve carefully chosen the top seven cat litter boxes for multiple cats and created seven cat litter box reviews, complete with all the product details you need be an informed consumer and adequately weigh the pros and cons of each product. Read More

BEST GUINEA PIG CAGE – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

BEST GUINEA PIG CAGE Reviews & Buyer’s GuideRodents are great pets, especially for young kids. Rodents such as guinea pigs look cute, and they are fluffy and easy to take care of. Guinea pigs are not like dogs or cats; you can contain them in a specific spot, and this makes it safer for them and easy for you to keep them in check. You do not have to train them or take them to the park for walks. As long as you pick the best guinea pig cage, spacious enough to allow them room to play, the pigs will thrive.

Guinea pigs do not have any specific needs, however a high number of first-time owners get the wrong cage. Ideally, the cage does not need to be expensive and lavish, but it needs to meet a few specifications to keep your pet healthy and happy. Look at the cages below and choose one that meets your needs. Read More

BEST GUINEA PIG FOOD Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

BEST GUINEA PIG FOOD Reviews & Buyer’s GuideA guinea pig is a wonderful pet. Since your guinea pig isn’t in the wild, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got the right food and hay for your furry friend to ensure the proper amount of nutrients, and to make sure that they have enough to keep them occupied in their cages.

The list below contains our top ten guinea pig dry foods. We’ve also got a brief buyer’s guide at the end to help you narrow down what you need in a food. Scroll down to see our top ten list and pick out the best guinea pig food for you! Read More